Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day: A day when people who love each other do cute little things just to let each other know they care. 

This morning, I decided that since my valentine was God, I would pay attention to all the little ways He might tell me He loves me throughout the day. Here's what I saw.

  • Amazing weather. It was so nice outside, it just made me smile every time I stepped out of a building. 
  • A random burst of energy at 4:00 in the afternoon. Usually I'm struggling to keep my eyes from drooping by 4, but not today--I felt like I could have run a marathon.
  • A delightful video of Alex Boye and a children's choir singing "Let It Go," from the movie Frozen. 
  • Batman wishing me a happy valentine's day on my way in to biology. 
The night's not over yet. I'm excited to see what other ways God will wish me a happy valentine's day! 


Cindy said...

Hey if chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips aren't, I don't know what is! ;)

cindy baldwin said...

Batman is pretty cool. ;)

Brooke said...

I love your positive outlook and your focus on God!