Friday, January 24, 2014

I know how the angels feel

Every Friday in Men’s Chorus we have “Friday Announcements.” Friday Announcements are supposed to be big and notable things such as mission calls, engagements, marriages, and births.

Today, after the Men’s Chorus President gave a few announcements, he opened up the floor for this week’s Friday Announcements. Someone stood and announced his mission call to San Salvador; everybody cheered. Someone else stood and began advertising something, and was humorously told to sit down.

Then, once it was clear that nobody else had anything notable to share, a dark-haired man towards the edge of the room stood up. He simply said, “Hi everyone, my name is Larry, and I’m getting baptized!”

The room exploded. We applauded Larry for a minute straight; ear-splitting, earth-shaking applause, shouting and whistling and expressing all of the joy that was in our hearts; joy from hearing that one of our friends, our brothers, was making the decision to follow Christ, to take His name upon him, to be saved.

While the applause was at its peak I imagined a conversation that could have taken place between two angels sitting in the front of the room. Perhaps one would turn to the other and say, “They’re pretty loud, and they do seem happy, but they should see how excited we were when we heard Larry was getting baptized!” 

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Cindy said...

That is awesome!!