Friday, March 8, 2013

March 4, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,

How is it March already? I just barely got over the idea that it isn´t 2012 anymore! Well, I guess time keeps going whether I agree with it or not.

I had a fun couple of days at the beginning of the week with Elder V, from Peru--both of our companions went home (mine because he finished, his because he got sick), so we were together for a few days while we waited to pick up our companions. Because his companion was sick they hadn´t been able to work very much, so we talked with a lot of people in the street over in his ward. Fun stuff. I also helped him get an English study plan started--for which he is grateful--and convinced him to work out with me a few days in the morning--for which he is not (sore legs).

Now, my new companion is here. His name is Elder R, from Argentina. I knew him before, his trainer was actually Elder B, who I was friends with in Valparaíso (more than a year ago) and who I was companions with when I recently got to El Mirador (6 months ago). Elder R is a great missionary, my first companion who is willing to go running with me in the morning, and we´re working quite well together.

F was confirmed yesterday. He is quite content, his family as well, but A got sick Saturday night eating home-made french fries and couldn´t come to church... but, they both have their eyes on the horizon, or in this case on the temple.

JC and L are getting married! Their wedding date is a little farther away, the 17 of May. But, they are excited for it, already making plans, and JC says that he wants to get baptized now after his wedding. Hopefully I´ll still be here for that!

We have spent a good amount of time with the M family, as well. They have all the intentions to get active again, and their daughter C really wants to get baptized. Right now, the things that are hard for them are things like getting up on time to make it to church, or getting the family together to read the scriptures and pray--the little building blocks of lifelong conversion that they want to achieve. So, we´ll keep helping them with it!

Viviendo el Sueño,

Elder Jason Ray

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