Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

Jason with his baptism this week and the married couple

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well, this week all of our grand preparation came together, and F and A were married, we had a nice reception for them (in which they danced Cueca, the Chilean national dance ((they´re a professional dance group))) and F was baptized yesterday. I think I asked him about a million times in these last few days, "so, F, how do you feel right now? Different?" After he was baptized, about 30 second after he came out of the water, I asked him, and he said, "that was cool."

They were married in the Registro Civil (which means the city hall, I think) by a very nice judge who gave them counsel to have patience and faith in their marriage. It was incredible to see how, immediately, after they were married, their faces reflected more light. The peace and joy that comes from keeping the commandments! That light increased even more after F was baptized.

The reception was a blast, we spent all day long blowing up white balloons, the YW did floral decorations, and a couple Relief Society sisters helped us decorate the room. At one point, right after they danced Cueca, we played a slideshow with pictures from their wedding the day before. A started crying, which I think means it was a success.

The other amazing thing that happened this week--JC got an answer about the Book of Mormon! He had trouble reading because he works so much and only ever comes home to sleep, so we got him a copy of the Book of Mormon on CD (thanks, Dad, for giving me the idea--listening to the Book of Mormon on the way to work!) While he was driving one day, 2 Nephi 4 came on (also known as Nephi´s Psalm, one of my personal favorites in all of scripture). He said that as he heard Nephi´s words, pleading for help and strength, he echoed that plea in his heart, and the spirit that he felt filled him so completely that he couldn´t stop crying for almost an hour. When I asked him later, he said, "so, I guess it´s true."

It sure is. And anyone who is willing to put it to the test can know so.

Viviendo el sueño,

Elder Jason Ray

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