Friday, March 18, 2011

It runs in my family! At least I think it does...

Short term memory loss. Not really, except when it comes to blogging. 

When I am ridiculously busy, when I have absolutely no time for blogging, I can think of at least three excellent post ideas to a surprising amount of detail and development.

When I actually have 30 minutes free before class starts, my mind goes blank and I end up on Facebook. 

Maybe I should start writing things down? Yes, it takes away an element of spontaneity, but it adds an element of... umm... everything else. 


Cindy said...

When I'm busy but have ideas I start a blog post, title it, maybe write a few sentences, and then save the draft. Then later I can go back and see what my ideas were, and hopefully that's enough to prime the pump!

Jason said...

That could work... I'll try that next time I have an amazing idea!