Friday, March 4, 2011

Heaven, pt. 2

I just realized that my "How Far is Heaven?" post is completely lacking a vital point.

Let me lead into this.

I just saw Tangled for the second time. Wonderful, lovely movie--it leaves me with warm fuzzies for hours afterward. Though the entire movie is incredible, I particularly like one scene.

Well, two. The second is towards the end, the moment before the lost princess is reunited with her family. The feeling of anticipation... it makes me think about what it will be like when I am reunited with the mom and dad that I have been separated from.

Anyway, my first favorite part is right after the protagonists go into the city. Somebody is playing the fiddle on a street corner. The princess starts dancing, twirling around, pulling other people out into the street; soon there are dozens of people dancing, laughing, as the violin plays and the night falls. There is a feeling of breathless excitement, like a cross between a thunderstorm and a bluebird flying.

Heaven is going to be like this. We'll walk along, smiling at each other and eating strawberries, and then someone will start playing the fiddle. Someone else will start to dance. Others will join in; I will be with them, of course, clapping my hands in time, bowing and twirling and weaving a heavenly melody of motion.

Man, I can't wait! C. S. Lewis talks about that feeling you get where everything around you just doesn't seem right, like a part of you can tell this isn't really your world. I think I've started understanding what he means--this world is not where I belong. I'm just hanging out here until my real life starts.

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Collin said...

CS Lewis is pretty awesome! He has so many great quotes that are incredible for someone isn't LDS.