Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,

We were sitting here in the internet café peacefully writing letters a few moments ago, when suddenly our bishop called. "Elders! The church is flooded!" We ran over to discover that, after the beautiful baptismal service yesterday, nobody turned off the water in the font. About half of the chapel had water on the floor, including the bishop´s office and the secretary, where the carpet will have to be changed. We had a fun few hours cleaning water out with brooms, I´ll attach some pictures.

This Friday we had a fun activity based on Lehi´s dream of the tree of life and the iron rod, but with a missionary twist. In order to start their journey down the iron rod, everybody had to answer a missionary question--would you give a copy of the Book of Mormon to a curious friend? Invite a neighbor to receive the missionaries? It was a fun experience.

All week long, we have been participating in the miraculous conversion of J and JC. J was completely convinced that she should be baptized after feeling the spirit in the Chapel, and JC also began to feel that way after he noticed how much more peace he felt after attending church (then he read five chapters of the Book of Mormon more than we had marked out for him, and finished saying, "this really has to be God´s word.") Several families of members from this area have also had important parts in the experience--The Z family, converts of 10 months, came with us when we taught about the restoration. Their powerful testimony brought a great spirit to the room.

I am immensely grateful to be here in this place, doing this work. I don´t have a single doubt that it is God´s work.

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