Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks so much for stories and pictures from party week! I´m glad you all had so much fun, and that Cindy Lynn and Mahon could make it over there.

This New Years, Elder Gatica and I decided to play in chill. We bought supplies to make tacos and cooked in our apartment. Then we sat, talked, wrote a bit, and went to bed. It wasn´t quite as entertaining as last year (when we went to our ward mission leader´s house to see a big fireworks display), but it was nice.

Fun week with Luis and Beatriz (remember them? I met them when I first got here). Beatriz went to church a few weeks ago, but Luis just recently, this week, decided that he was going to go to church with his family. He scheduled his weekend so that he wouldn´t have to work late Saturday night or all day Sunday, even. And then... he got a call from the his new boss in the mines up north, telling him they needed him to be up there the next day. So, it was almost a miracle story :D

We had a really nice family night this week with the Alvarez family (the family of Alberto, who we recently helped to come back to church (you know, I can never remember from week to week how much detail I´ve put about all of these people, because they are in my head all day every day but I only write once a week. If you have questions about who someone is, tell me. If I´m giving unneeded details, forgive me)). His brother in law, a returned missionary who is the stake Young Men´s president in Córdoba, Argentina, was also there, and we had a really entertaining lesson about the Book of Mormon. It is so incredible to see how firm this family is now--I´m sure that even long after we leave, Alberto and his family will keep on going towards the temple and an eternal family.

We started teaching Grisel (who we helped to get her dog into the back of her truck) after not beeing able to find her for a long time. We had some really great lessons with her and a couple different members of her family that were there visiting during vacations (her daughter Luna has a lot of questions, and her sister says that she is currently looking for the truth). Finally, She and her sister came to church this last Sunday. They loved it, I´m excited to write more soon!

This Saturday morning, we spent the entire morning cooking. We don´t have a stove in our appartment, so we have been using the cookie mixes that you sent me as an excuse to go to people´s houses, have a ton of fun, and talk about missionary work for an hour. Saturday we made double chocolate cookies with Angel and Andrea, the Elder´s Quorum President and Young Women pres (they asked for more cookie mixes). Then after that, it was Elder Gatica´s turn--he wanted to share some of his bakery knowledge with Yessica, who got an industrial oven from an organization that helps people start out small businesses, and wants to switch gradually over from an internet café to a bakery. So we made pizza, and then ate half of it. All in all, it was a very delightful (and delicious) morning.

Viviendo el sueño,

Elder Jason Ray

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