Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 28, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,

I´m getting along pretty wonderfully in my new ward. I still think I would get a little bit lost left on my own, but I´m getting there! Now for some fun stories.

First off, one of the families that I have gotten to known--the V family. Here in this ward, the sisters in the Relief Society take turns washing the missionaries´clothing--one month, once a year. In January it was the V family´s turn, so I got to know them right away. Sister V is great, she has three kids, N (who has two kids, No and S), O (who we are helping get excited to get out on a mission), and E (I really have no idea how her name is spelled, but that´s a guess. Oh, and No and E are about the same age, they are really fun together). Yesterday in lunch, S and E taught me a couple of hand games, like Miss Mary Mack but in Spanish, and we talked a lot about teaching with the mom and N who are both Sunday school teachers.

Another fun thing that happened this week--the first counselor has a son that lives in the US, in Utah, about 15 minutes from campus, actually. He was here this last week visiting around, we had a nice chat about Utah and differences between the US and Chile. Now I´ll be able to do the opposite and visit him in another year to chat about Chile!

We have spent a lot of time teaching C, a recent convert here who reminds me incredibly of Y (young, incredibly faithful, has two small kids). This week we talked about callings and patriarchal blessings. Fun stuff.

Last story: The day before I got here, one of C´s nieces, named K, was baptized. The idea was that C would take her to church every week. Last week C couldn´t go, and K´s parents weren´t very supportive and she didn´t make it to church to be confirmed. All week long, we have been working with C and K so that they could make it to church and finish of the other half of baptism (since baptism without confirmation isn´t worth anything). After a long, hard week, with a lot of difficulties--especially for C--K made it. And the reward, the experience that followed, was incredible. K told her aunt on the way back home from church that she felt a new presence with her, like somebody was walking beside her. In a prayer she said, she thanked God for "the little angel that walks beside me." This sensitive 9 year old girl has seen the effect that the Holy Ghost has in her life.

I know that this church is true. The Holy Ghost is a gift freely given to all who are baptized and confirmed by someone holding God´s Priesthood. I am so grateful to be here, living in a land and a time of miracles, and seeing this things happen.

Viviendo el sueño,

Elder Jason Ray

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