Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 20, 2012

Dear Mom and Dad,
So, this week we were visited by Elder V, the second counselor in the area presidency (south america south, it includes Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay). He talked about quite a few things, but here are a few that I really liked. The Ammon attitude. A very common missionary error is to think, "I´m only going to be in this area for a few months, so I should work as if I´ll only be here a few months and then, ciao no más (bye bye)." If missionaries think like that, then they won´t be as dedicated or as hardworking as the Lord requires. So, Elder V encouraged us to develop Ammon´s attitude. When king Lamoni asked him how long he was going to stick around for, he said, "Yea, I desire to dwell among this people for a time; yea, and perhaps until the day I die." The Atonement. Somebody asked the question, "What can we do to help a missionary who isn´t obedient or hardworking?" The answer: Study the atonement. If we really understand the atonement, then we will do everything that God wants us to do, without question or complaint. Worthy converts: Elder V encouraged us to work to bring worthy converts to the church. A worthy convert is someone who really understands the doctrine, has repented fully of past sins, and has all of the commitment and all the habits needed to stay active in the church. I like this idea a lot, it gives a very high standard to aim for.
We did a few interchanges this week. In the first interchange I went with Elder D, from Colorado/Utah/Arizona (he moved a bit). It was one of those amazing days where it rained all day long, and we didn´t have much luck getting inside people´s doors. We got pretty wet, but we had jackets and it was really an enjoyable experience. Next up I went with Elder , who just got to Chile a few weeks ago. He reminds me a lot of you, dad, hardworking, diligent, obedient, and pretty chill as well.
Interesting experience with a kid named N. Whenever we finish talking with someone, in a lesson, on the street, wherever, we always ask them who else they know who would be benefited from our message. On Tuesday, somebody showed us to a 17 year old kid named N, who is athiest but really receptive and willing to try out. We shared about how if he read the Book of Mormon he could know that God exists, and then we left, excited to come back in a few days and keep teaching him. When we came back a few days later, his dad had forbid him to meet with us. It was interesting, because I still felt peaceful and happy even as he told us that. I know that he will meet the missionaries again in a few more years when he is on his own, and I´m possitive that he will read the Book of Mormon and find out that it is true then.
Last story. When I was with Elder O, we were heading down a set of stairs when a man and his wife were heading up. The man stopped us and asked if we knew another missionary, who right now is serving as the mission secretary, because they had talked about some free english classes that he could go to. As we started talking about english classes and trying to figure out how to contact the other missionary, he invited us into his house. There we more fully met L and B, who had both, in they own time, looked for the true church but hadn´t quite been able to find it. When we taught them about the restoration, it seemed like pieces were falling to place for them. They started reading the Book of Mormon right away, and are already excited to go to church this next Sunday.
I love this work. I love the miracles that God showers down upon us. I love it!
Viviendo el sueño,
Elder Jason Ray

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