Saturday, April 2, 2011


These flowers are making me very happy right now.

This is my Women's Chorus man-fan shirt. The back says "Man enough to wear a flower." After last night's concert, I couldn't not get a shirt!

These flowers are right outside our window on a tree that leans out over the roof. 

(The picture is grainy because I took it through the screen.)
Spring is coming! It's a beautiful day outside--so beautiful I'm about to go study in the sun, just because I can--conference is on today, and life is wonderful. 


Collin said...

I'm going to need one of those shirts! :D

Jason said...

Totally worth it :D

mom said...

hmm...I think the shirt is a little scary! Which probably means I'm not man enough for you to wear it!

Jason said...

You know, somehow I thought you would think that... I appreciate that you got me a pink shirt though! It has kind of become my trademark.