Friday, December 10, 2010


It seems I am not very good at posting consistently--four posts the week of thanksgiving, and zero since then.

For those of you not living in the college world, let me introduce you to the reason for my inconsistency. Finals.

Next week I will be taking four tests that will determine, on average, about 20% of my grade in four classes. This means that even though I have been doing well in my classes so far, if I don't ace (or come close to acing) my finals, I could still end up with grades quite a bit lower than I want them.

If finals were a person, they would be the mob boss who might "allow something to happen to you" if you don't make your payments.

So I'm studying like it's my job (because, well, it is), and I'll probably get back to that whole writing thing come Christmas break.

And now I think the mob boss might be looking over my shoulder, so I'm going to go take a practice calc test.

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