Monday, October 25, 2010

Utah Beauty

Today while walking from one of my classes, I saw this.

Actually, I saw it from over the top of the Smoot Administration building. It was so incredibly beautiful--Mount Timpanogos seemed to be glowing, and the sky was an amazing shade of electric blue--that I did something kind of crazy: I went half a mile out of my way for the perfect shot (be proud of me, mom). Once I got to my vantage point and started taking pictures, I just couldn't stop!I am awed by the beauty of the mountains. Really, I am awed by how incredibly beautiful all of Utah is!
I will admit, I was very worried when I left my home in lush, green North Carolina to come to the desert that is Utah that I had consigned myself to 4+ years of brown and grey.
Yes, there is some brown and some grey. But there is also a lot of blue, and a good bit of white, and even some green and gold.

About this time of year in North Carolina, the leaves start changing colors. This happens everywhere, it is true, but in NC it means the whole world becomes a kaleidescope of reds, golds, oranges, and yellows. While I will always miss my home state, I am happy to find I love my new state as well.


mom said...

Oh very nice indeed, Jason! I'm so glad to see that I have trained you well! I particularly love the picture of the road with the alumni building on the left--awesome composition!

cindy baldwin said...

I must admit that I have never really thought of Utah as beautiful.... UNTIL yesterday, when I got to drive through Idaho and Utah and see all the trees in their autumnal glory, with the backdrop of snow-capped mountains. I did think it was beautiful then! (I still like NC best though........) And I agree with Mom, I love the picture of the road.

Lauren Fine said...

It's interesting how similar our most recent posts are. We should be friends. Oh wait, I gave you amish friendship bread, so I guess we already are. :)