Thursday, September 9, 2010

This Is It

So, I am at BYU.

Brigham Young University.

The Y.

This is my dream school. The school I've wanted to attend all my life. The big kahuna. The end all be all. Throw in a bunch of other cheesy cliché expressions if you wish--the point is, I'm here!

In the weeks leading up to this moment, I:

Said goodbye to my family and got on an airplane with all of my earthly belongings,

Spent $240 in Walmart, because my mom loves me that much,

Did an entire 1-credit class in a 5 days,

Taught Sunday School twice in a singles ward,

Freaked out because of stress,

Got really, really homesick,

Hiked the Y,

Got shy around a girl (yes, me!),

Stayed up past midnight studying,

Had the time of my life.

As I write this, I am sitting in the library (trying to become like the man my grades could be like). Tomorrow will come in a few hours, bringing with it classes and deadlines and plans and parties and surprises that I can't even imagine tonight. But right now, I can sit here in a moment of peace and quiet and think about what brought me here.

I will be posting on this blog a couple times a week from now on. Sometimes I might not write very much, just a picture and a thought. But I will also post personal essays, exceptional papers, and anything and everything that is on my mind. Consider yourself warned.



Russ said...

Good to hear about the studying! Of course I have to say that.

Collin S. said...

Sounds fantastic! I can't wait for more to read!! :)

Cindy said...

I can't wait to read more. And I might even love you more than $244. But probably not much more... ;)

(And please ask CL or Mahon why I can sign in with a different name on her blog but I can't on yours!)